Holiday Gift Swap with Carr's Crew!

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Bring a Gift, Get a Gift!

on Monday, December 21st, we will be having a holiday gift swap in our classroom! It will be similar to a White Elephant Gift Exchange where each student will bring ONE gift, pick a number, choose a gift, and have the opportunity to swap! It will be loads of fun!

Holiday Gift Exchange

Monday, Dec. 21st, 9am

OPES - E107

This event is only for students :) Sorry, parents!

Gift Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines in order to keep the event fair and fun!
1. The gift must be either handmade, re-gifted, or bought for NO MORE than $5.
2. The gift must be wrapped (please try to stay away from Santa and religious themed wrapping)
3. The gift must appeal to both boys and girls.
4. The gift must be anonymous - no name tags, no "To:" "From:"
5. There will be extra gifts in case your child forgets or cannot provide - everyone will be included! :)
6. If the gift is over the price limit, it will be sent back home with the owner.
7. PLEASE encourage handmade and re-gifted gifts - that is what makes it fun! :)
8. Bring the gift to school on Monday, December 21st.
9. Only ONE gift per child!


Here are a few ideas & places to look
- an already read book in good condition
- the dollar bin at Target
- Pinterest for craft ideas!
- an ornament
- a fun pencil or pen
- candy/treats/soft drink (must be pre-wrapped/store bought)
- a drawing/picture/painting
- anything re-gifted that could use a new home :)
- anything silly, corny, creative, or quirky

There are no theme requirements so be creative!