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Welcome Back!

We hope you enjoyed your fall break and that you are ready for another great 9 weeks!


Thanks for supporting our first Caps for a Cure event. We raised $256 that will go toward research to find a cure for childhood cancer.


The weights of the CCRPI components have been revised to incentivize and reward student growth and progress towards student proficiency (and readiness for college and careers) based on the state’s higher expectations associated with the Georgia Milestones Assessment System. Increasing the contribution of PROGRESS recognizes the work districts and schools are making toward the increased expectations for student achievement.

Content Mastery Indicators for high school courses:

Developing Learners will be weighted at 0.5

Proficient Learners will be weighted at 1.0

Distinguished Learners will be weighted at 1.5.

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PSAT Wednesday, 10/14/15

We'll be shutting down B and E halls to administer the PSAT the week we return from Fall Break. Be sure to refer to the email Dr. Rehberg sent out detailing testing locations and displaced teacher locations. Please make sure you and your students know where to go before the day of the test. Then leave them a trail of Reese's Pieces. No one will be allowed to travel in or out of either hallway during testing. Bells will be turned OFF. Students not testing will continue to move around on regular schedule until THIRD period where we will hold until the exam is completed. Depending on when testing ends, we will announce a modified lunch rotation and return to normal as soon as possible.

This is the first administration of the redesigned PSAT to be followed by the redesigned SAT roll-out in the spring.

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Goal 1: Improve teaching and learning practices to ensure a quality education and improved academic achievement for all students.

Last year we focused on our 9th grade pass rate. We wanted 80% of our freshmen students to pass all four academic courses. We succeeded!

This year our focus in on ALL students passing all four core academic courses. Last year 16% of our students failed at least one, so our goal is:

TCCHS will improve the percentage of students passing all four core content area courses from 84% to 87%.

What are we doing to reach this goal?

  • Continuing to implement our academic initiatives with fidelity
  • Utilizing All in Learning to track mastery of standards and improve our use of data to inform and adjust instruction
  • Adhering to grading guidelines and updating grades weekly in IC
  • Encouraging parents and students to sign up for Parent Portal
  • Communicating through e-mail, REMIND, websites, calls, conferences
  • Updating a shared spreadsheet among administrators and counselors to monitor grades and interventions
  • Mentoring at-risk 9th grade students through Freshman Success Committee
  • Refusing to allow a student to choose to fail

SIP Update

Goal 2: Ensure a safe, disciplined and positive learning environment.

TCCHS will reduce the total number of ISS and OSS placements.

See the chart below for current discipline data.

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Ideas for Literacy Strategies

Integrating literacy activities in all classes is one way we plan to improve instruction in support of our school improvement plan.

Goal 1: Improve teaching and learning practices to ensure a quality education and improved academic achievement for all students.

1.D. TCCHS will increase the percent of students in grade 11 achieving a Lexile measure equal to or greater than 1250 from 37% to 40%

Negotiate Your Learning is a post-reading activity that can be used to help your students summarize what they’ve read and then interact with other students to select the most important concepts. This strategy can be used at the end of a reading assignment or after reading several assignments to summarize key information.

How to Use:

  • Have students summarize on note cards or sticky notes three to five key learnings from their reading.

  • Pair students to discuss key learnings and to “negotiate” summarizing those learnings on two to four note cards.

  • Have students gather in groups of four to discuss their key learnings and to summarize them on one to three note cards.

  • Have students share their small-group summaries with the class as a whole.

Encourage students to talk about their learning with their peers because it strengthens their understandings and gives them opportunities to listen and persuade others.

Sketch to Stretch is a post-reading activity that allows students to use their creativity to express the main idea of a reading passage or the student’s response to the reading assignment. The goal is not artistic ability, but the use of an illustration to express the theme of the work.

How to Use:

  • Have students list and write about their three favorite points from the reading assignment.

  • Have students pick one topic to work with.

  • Ask students to think about what they might draw to represent their topic.

  • Have students create sketches that identify their theme.

  • Have students write an explanation of what they drew.

  • Collect and post sketches for students to view (without commenting).

  • Ask students to select two/three posted sketches and write statements about what those sketches mean.

  • Have students share their ideas and the artists explain their sketches.

It is a good idea to model the strategy with students before they complete one independently. Have students practice sketching using a story or theme they already know. Or have students guide you through a sketch on the board, taking their suggestions as you go.

Meet Some of Our Support Teachers!

Check out our FFA students featured in this CTAE video!

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