First Grade Newsletter

April 4, 2022

Field Trip Fun!

Wow! What a blast first grade had on our field trip to the Montgomery County Fair! Thank you, parents, for all of your help!
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Field Day Volunteers Needed April 22nd

Field Day activities will function as rotations meant for small groups, with adult assistance (parent volunteers). Parent volunteers will be chaperoning students from event to event. The goal is for the volunteer to encourage good choices while teaching the students how to handle social conflicts and work through the decision making process. Please let us know if you are able/willing to help out that day. 1st graders will be teacher-paired into small groups of 2-6 students, depending on the number of volunteers we have. Our portion of Field Day is 8:30-10:30. The parent volunteers will meet in the gym starting at 8:00am for a brief parent meeting around 8:10am on Friday, April 22nd. Then the 1st grade volunteers will be released to your child's classroom by 8:30.
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Dear First Grade Parent(s): Ride's annual Field Day is quickly approaching. We recommend that your child wears comfortable clothes, applies sunscreen, and brings a labeled water bottle.

Each student will be teacher-paired into a “buddy group.” The buddies and a parent volunteer will work together to complete various cooperative, competitive, and active events. Groups are free to complete the events in any order they like. The following is a schedule for the day’s activities. A representative from your child’s classroom might contact you requesting volunteers to escort a group of first grade students. For those of you with additional children at Ride, please be aware that parents who volunteer to lead a Field Day event for the school may not concurrently volunteer to “chaperone” a group of first grade students. First grade chaperones and school event volunteers will meet in the gym at 8:10am for a brief organizational meeting. No spectators, please.

We are looking forward to an active, student-focused event!

Thank you, Bridget Hodge and Laura Matthews Field Day When: Friday, April 22, 2022 Where: Outdoors on Ride Campus Times: 8:30 – 10:30 First grade (along with 2nd – 4th grade)

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Dates to Know:


7-15-Scholastic Book Fair

15-18 - Student Holiday

22-Field Day!

29 - Ride Through The Decades (Spring Carnival)


5-1st grade program: Music Thru The Seasons, 6:00pm.


What are we learning?

Reading-Learning about story elements

Writing-Writing Fiction

Math-place value, composing and decomposing


Social Studies-Texas

Technology-SeeSaw, Epic, DreamBox, PebbleGo, and RAZ kids

4th 9 weeks sight words:

big, eat, make, out, take, have, came, same, home, more, not, of, put, your, I'm, into little, now, three, if, or, read, going, jump, never, there, where, any, today, very, back, best, just, think, with, than, that, when, was, could, should, would, mother, from, don't, about, down, house, our, know, because, few, school, much, such, two, who, over, their, under, want, were, enough, great, idea, often, pretty, until

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