American sniper

The autobiography of Chris Kyle

In the book American sniper , it is clear that Chris Kyle isn't afraid to kill for his freedom and the freedom of others

One quote from american sniper is "Everyone that i shot was evil, I had a good cause on every shot, they all deserve to die." this shows that he took pride in his job and had no regrets about the people he killed and it also represents some of the horrible thing that solders have to do to keep us safe

What was Chris Kyle sniper of choice when he was overseas ?

Chris kyles sniper of choice was a .300 win mag and this the gun that got the majority of his kills
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Chris Kyles First Child is born

After Chris returned from one of his tours over sees his first son is born and he unfortunately has to return over seas to fight in the war. This means that he wont get to spend the first few years of his sons life with him
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Another quote from the book "I’m not a patient person, but I learned that to succeed as a stalker I need to take my time. If I know I’m going to kill someone, I will wait a day, a week, two weeks. Make that, I have waited."