The Newest Pathway to Genius

An Intellectual Breakthrough

Charlie Gordon: The Future of Intelligence

Ever since March 8th, Charlie Gordon has been developing a supermind. He is the first human of many that are soon to be treated for the "mental retardation" that affects a large portion of the world's population. Charlie displayed his early progress report from April 22: "People at the bakery are changing. Not only ignoring me. I can feel the hostility." Before this realization, Charlie had never been able to perceive others true emotions or write at this level grammatically.

Professor Nemur and Dr. Strauss of Beekman University are the pioneering scientists behind this psychological miracle. Both men are considered experts in their fields, however, Charlie is beginning to believe otherwise. Charlie discovered this at the conference he went to: "'I see them now as they really are, phonies. I suspected it of Nemur. He always seemed frightened of something." The neural experiment was in a beta stage of testing before Charlie was granted permission to be the first human it was tested on.

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Alternative Opinions

Algernon is the closest thing Charlie has to an animal counterpart, and Algernon is a mouse. He is the shining basis of the entire theory of intellectual expansion that has been newly coined in this enterprise. Algernon is a mouse with the operation done to it, and his intelligence has grown immensely after the undertaking.

Miss Kinnian was Charlie's teacher before the operation, but now he has surpassed her, and she is a shadow compared to his brilliance. He discusses so many things with her that she has become tormented by his genius, and she feels worse and worse every time they talk. Miss Kinnian has a negative outlook on the project because it altered his internal feelings, but she admits that it's gratifying to see him finally succeeding.

Charlie is an inspiration to psychologists and neurologists everywhere for his signing up to be a "guinea pig" in this test. He shows to them that it is possible to increase someone's intelligence, and it is also possible to use that technology to help people.

Charlie has an overwhelmingly positive reception in the scientific field and his contribution to science is changing the world for the better.