Clean Coal is Not Clean!

Matt Chatelain


My counterargument is that even though some claim that the air pollution emissions by coal can be controlled to an extent, coal is still a dangerous fuel source as runoff from coal mines and coal ash pond spills contaminate water supplies and cause significant damage to aquatic life. I chose to use emotional appeal as my form of propaganda, most people do not take action when given statistics, as it doesn't mean anything to them. I therefore decided that a picture of coal causing pollution in two significant ways is a good reason for someone to become upset over it's continued use. I came up with my slogan the way it is because I wanted to make sure that it was simply, straight to the point, but continued to convey a strong message, at only 5 words and having no frills, my slogan leaves a memorable impact during and after reading it.

I learned in today's lesson that bias is an opinion that a person forms even though they do not have sufficient knowledge or information on the subject. Propaganda is a technique used where influential mediums attempt to persuade a person agree or disagree with a certain idea. I do not believe that my paper has obvious bias. Many critics of alternative energy have consistently pointed to clean coal as a solution over the past several decades. The science that coal pollutes in many other significant ways is also proved by science and can even be seen by hundreds of coal ash pond spills that have happened in rivers even near us. Being forced to persuade someone on my side of the issue will help me to develop my body paragraph by giving me an outline of effective techniques I can use to convince my audience.

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