Christmas in Canada

celebrated December 25 by Steven


People in masks called masked mummers go around the neighbor hood making noise and ringing bells.When someone comes up to a mummer and tries to guess who is under that mask and if they get it right then the masked mummer takes of the mask.Also, there is a tradition that people go around in Santa suits and goes to door to door and the people that open the door have to guess who is dressed up as Santa.


In Canada the traditional Christmas dinner is roasted turkey with vegetables and sauce,chocolate pudding with whip cream on top,mashed potatoes and gravy,and roast beef or ham.So those are some foods that Canadians eat on Christmas day.


They do the same as us.We go to sleep then Santa comes and leaves presents.Some people in Canada buys present and forget that Santa even comes and leaves presents.So on Christmas day they wonder who left these presents.


The star on the Christmas tree is the symbol of the star that the three kings followed to see baby Jesus.The candy cane is a symbol of a cane that Joseph had to lead his sheep.Santa Claus is the same as St.Nicholas and is nice and jolly.

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