Pre-K 3 News!

Juan Diego Academy January 29, 2016



Welcome to the last week of January. It is incredible how fast time flies. Please note that the following week is Catholic School’s week and it is a week of free dress activities except for Thursday which is a Mass day. Below you will find the schedule for the different dress-up days and information about Grandparent’s Day . If Grandparents are unable to attend, the children will have their breakfast snack in class with the teachers. After the tea upstairs in the auditorium, grandparents need to bring their grandchild back down to his/her classroom.

Monday: Pajama Day

Tuesday: Sports Day

Wednesday: Flip-Flop Day. This is a little tricky. Students are supposed to dress up like their teachers (boys can dress like Mr. Nolting, Mr. Ivan, or Mr. Gabe) and teachers dress like the students. In other words, we will be wearing HOLY ROSARY SCHOOL UNIFORMS.

Thursday: Grandparents Day (co-led by Mr. Nolting). Church day means FULL UNIFORM for all students. We will take the children to church and Grandparents may sit with their grandchild at church. Then after Mass they proceed to the school auditorium to be honored with a school program presented by 1st and Kinder. They stay and have sweet bread and drinks. Then Grandma or Grandpa return the children to their classroom.


Each grade will be given a specific color for them to represent their grade. They will participate in Religion trivias grouped by grade level (eg. k-1st, 2nd-3rd-4th, 5th-6th-7th-8th) where winning teams will receive some sort of classroom prize. Afterwards, there will be an all school assembly where grades must represent their color in several mini-games.

Here is the list of colors

Pre-K 3 -- Blue

Pre-K 4 -- Purple

Kindergarten -- Red

1st Grade -- Orange

2nd Grade -- Yellow

3rd Grade -- Pink

4th Grade -- Green

5th Grade -- Black

6th Grade -- White

7th Grade -- Gray

8th Grade -- Turquoise

-Catholic schools week will be from January 31st to February 6th.

-Progress Reports will go home on February 3rd. Teachers will be conferencing with parents on February 12th. The conferences will be teacher requested or parent requested. This means that this trimester we are only meeting with parents we feel need more information about their student’s area of concern. It may have to do with: Social/ emotional skills, Physical skills, language skills, cognitive skills or literacy skills. We will e-mail you this week if we need to meet with you. After reading their Progress Report, you may want to request a conference if you have not received a request from us and you feel a need to talk to us.

-No school on February 12th. We will be conferencing between the times of 7:30 a.m. -3:30 p.m. only.

-Children will need to create a Valentine mailbox for the Valentines they will be receiving on Thursday, February 11th from their classmates and teachers. We will have our Valentine’s Day party on this Day. You can use any box (shoe boxes work best) and you cover it with paper, add dollies, paper hearts, stickers, lace, arts and crafts rhinestones, glitter, old Valentine’s Cards, etc. Leave an opening on the top that is at least 2 inches wide or leave the lid so that it can lift up. This is a home project that you can start working on now. It will be fun. If you want to address each Valentine, we will send home a list of children’s names. (SEE BELOW FOR SOME OLD PHOTOS OF VALENTINE BOXES FROM PREVIOUS YEARS)

-Our field to the Post Office will be on Friday, February 5th at 1:00 p.m. (tentative time), please fill out field trip form even though it is a walking field trip. We will be walking to the post office that is by Lincoln High School to mail our Valentine we made at School for Mom and Dad. If it is raining we will move it to Monday, Feb. 8th, 9th or 11th.

We would like for you to place a stamp and write your current address on an envelope we will send it home today in their backpack today Thursday and you can return it on Monday, Feb. 1st. or return it tomorrow Friday if you have it ready. We need it so we can insert the valentine they made at school and mail it when we go to the Post Office on Friday, Feb. 5th.


Phonics: This week we are currently finishing our review all letters that we have seen these last few months of school. We are teaching the letters N, F & B, and our students are doing great.

Oral Language: We are also learning about the weather, the temperature and we also started learning about hot and cold things. This includes meals and the clothes that we wear summer and winter due to changes in climate.

Math: We are now introducing the quantity of each number from 1 to 10.

Religion: This week we are learning more about our lovely Father’s love by viewing the miracles of Jesus on videos and talking more about His love for us. We are singing “El amor de Dios es maravilloso” ( God’s love is wonderful). You can find it on "Youtube" if you would like to hear it. They are showing more interest in learning about our Lord since they started going to Mass at church on Thursdays. Please encourage them to show respect to our Lord by behaving at school and at church.

They are awesome!

We wanted to remind parents to PLEASE RETURN our monthly survey, even if you think that everything is going okay with your son or daughter. It is very important for us to collect them and keep them in our student’s files.

Thank you very much and have a wonderful end of the week!

Miss Sonia & Miss Marseille.