John Elder Robison for President

Special skills perfect for this special job

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This is the international sign for Asperger's Syndrome.

Asperger's: Some deem it a disability, but really an ability!

John Elder Robison has Aspergers, an mild form of autism. It makes it hard for him to pick up on social cues, and makes it hard for him to feel some emotions. It also makes him a mechanical genius, and helps him understand the world a lot differently than we do. But isn't it time we had a president who doesn't make his way to the office because of how well he gives speeches, but on how he can do as a leader.

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About John (1957-)

John grew up with a neglective father, and a somewhat crazed mother. He dropped out of high school, so he could get away from his hometown, Amherst, Massachusetts, and his parents. Despite all that, he worked as a special effect designer for the band KISS, and also worked as a game designer for a major toy company. He also worked as a manager for a Boston electronics firm, and ran, and still runs, a car repair shop. He is also the author of three books about his life, Raising Cubby, Be Different, and Look Me in the Eye.
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From his childhood to starting his own business, you can read about it here. And if you want to know more, read his book, Look Me in the Eye!