ELA 1 & 2

ELA 1 & 2

In ELA 2 we had to draw fictional characters in the story and how we imagined they looked and what their surroundings look as well.

Mrs. Hartman's class (ELA 1)

Usually in ELA 1 in mrs. Hartman's class when we walk in we first read what's on the board, there will be instructions for what we do for bell work. After than we get our notebooks and do what ever the board told us what to do. For example we usually go over reading stragites and how we could become a better reader.

Mrs. Sheahan (ELA 2)

In ELA 2 we walk in and set our belongings at our desks, after that there will be instructions on the board as if it was still ELA 1. If the instructions tells us that we need to write something in our notebooks we'd have to get our notebooks out of the bin and start working on our bell work.