South Beach Diet

Get the Inside Story on The South Beach Diet

Some Side Effects of South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet is among the popular diets for tackling those extra pounds and suggested by a well-known cardiologist, Dr. Arthur Agatson. The diet does not put a restriction on the number of meals you eat. The diet doesn’t work on the principle of making one starve. It allows you all three meals in the day and two mid-day snacks. Wondering, then what makes you shed those extra pounds? It is by eliminating the avoidable quantity of carbohydrates and fibers from your diet.

If you’ve tried all other diets and you want to try out the South Beach diet, there are some things you might want to watch out for. There have been certain side effects of this diet program as per some studies. Here they are for your reference:

Kidney Stones: This diet increases the amount of protein intake in your body. This can cause stress on your kidneys which can lead to kidney stones. You should neutralize the protein quantity by ample amounts of vegetables and dairy products in your diet.

Dehydration: The first phase of this diet is very intensive therefore it is recommended to increase fluid intake. Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Not consuming enough fluids might lead to dehydration, dizziness or lightheadedness. Sometimes, it can even lead to severe headaches.

Ketoacidosis: This is a condition that occurs when your body doesn’t receive enough energy through glucose and starts using body fat as energy substitute. Since fat cannot be completely broken down, it results in the accumulation of acids in the body. Some of the telltale signs for Ketosis could be irritability, bad breath and fatigue. These are signs which your body shows when you have a less amount of glucose in your bloodstream. If you are on the diet and notice these signs, it might make sense to seek medical attention. This condition can lead to a lot of complications like kidney stones, coma and sometimes can even result in death.

Tired Muscles: This diet could result in cramping and tiredness in muscles. This is caused due to the lack of electrolytes in the body. There is a loss of salt content in the body, which causes the electrolyte imbalance.

Less Fiber: Due to the elimination of unwanted carbohydrates from the diet there is an insufficient quantity of fiber in the body. All fruits are eliminated from the first phase of the diet due to which this is a common occurrence. Deficiency of fiber in the body could lead to constipation and other related digestion problems. It could be beneficial to consume fiber supplements while on the diet to avoid these problems.

Loss of Water weight: Lowering the quantity of carbohydrates in the body tends to have diuretic effects. Loss of water weight in the body means you will gain it all back in no time. The weight loss is only temporary unless you bring about sustained lifestyle changes.

If you start the South Beach diet, it becomes important for you to look out for any unusual signs that your body might show. Some of the superficial signs that you notice might be indicative of a more serious underlying condition which might require immediate medical care. Before you kick start the South Beach diet, it might be a good idea to consult a medical practitioner.