Last (14th) Class Meeting

EDUC 5395-Fall 2015

Join the last class meeting today (Dec. 7, 2015)

Mini Agenda for Class:

Warm-up activity

Components of Assignment 5 (This will be discussed during the Lecture session)

Rubric for Assignment 5 (I will distribute a handout)

Cover Page (Sample Cover Page from Week 14 folder)

Table of Contents (Sample Cover Page from Week 14 folder)

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Chapter 3: Method (Methodology)


Appendixes or Appendices (if you have only one, use Appendix)

Due date and platform

Dec. 14, 2015 by 11:59 pm on Blackboard (Use Assignment 5 link)

Dec. 14, 2015 by 11:55 pm on Tk20 (Check your Tk20 account)

We will explore Tk20 website and learn how to upload an assignment

Scientific Writing--General Comments (google Slides)

ACES website (from Week 14 folder)

Student Feedback Survey (SFS)