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May 2015 is a very special month! Exactly one year ago this month, I decided to share Young Living with the world as my full time job and I have never looked back since! It has been so rewarding to hear story after story of how Essential Oils has changed peoples lives. Everything from chronic pain relief, emotional issues, hormonal imbalances, asthma to allergies. What a year it has been to be able to be apart of this. Now it is time for me to give back!! For May and June, if you participate in Essential Rewards then your name will be entered into a drawling for AWESOME prizes!
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Winners will be drawn on VIDEO by my Kids!!

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In May, Young Living also gives FREE to everyone on Essential Rewards who spends the amount below.

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Confused about Essential Rewards?

Get FREE products by ordering on Essential Rewards. Young Living has and INCREDIBLE benefit for members ONLY. You receive points for your OWN orders to use towards FREE oils! It gets better! They even add on special promos each month if you spend a certain amount, see above! Now, who wouldn't want that?!!
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Why and How to Sign up for Essential Rewards With Young Living

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