Ways To Find Help

By: Alex Batrez

Different Ways To Find Help

There are different ways to find help for any substance abuse problems. One of them are anonymous groups. Anonymous groups help express your problems and your want to fix them without people knowing exactly who you are.

Alanon Group

Alanon is an anonymous group mainly for alcoholism, there is also alateen which is an anonymous alcoholism group for teens. A location for alanon and alateen is the Alanon and Alateen Alcoholism Treatment Program, it is located in Shawnee Mission, KS, the address and phone number is 13005 W 92nd Pl. and the phone number is (913) 384-4653

AA Groups

AA is alcoholics anonymous and can be the best option for some and can be the best help for people. There is only one location in the Kansas City area. The address is 200 E 18th Ave. The phone number is (816) 471-7229

AN Groups

AN groups are anonymous groups for any substance abuse and can be very helpful for any abuse or addition problems. A location in the North Kansas City area is the Comprehensive