Williams Syndrome

Kennedi Smith 7th Grade Mrs. Senker

Discripition of Williams Syndrome

Wiliams Syndrome is a genetic condition that is present at birth and can affect anyone. Williams Syndrome syptoms are developmental delays , cardiovascular disease , and learning disaability.
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Causes of Disorder

Williams Syndrome is caused by the genectic material delection from a region of chromosome 7. The way that you can tell if your child has Williamsndrome is by some of the chacacteristics. Some are intellectual disabilities with learning problems and unique personalities. This disorder is not passed down through parents to their offspring, but it is likely that your child can inherit that disorder.

Long Term Effects from Disorder

People with Williams Syndrome have a slow time developing from other people. They also have non- normal tissues in between their joints and organs. People also have delays with words or even actions.
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Treatment for Disorder

There is no treatment for Williams Syndrome. There is also 1 in 7,500 or 20,000 chance you could get this disorder. Williams Syndrome has many names like Beuren Syndrome, Elfin Facies Syndrome, and WBS.
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