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Do you really know what is going on in the NBA? Aciton and changes are going on everyday in the NBA. You need keep up with your NBA news to stay on top of the new aciton and changes .

Trade in the NBA

I first one is about the Melo trade to the Los Angels Lakers becaus he said he want to win a ring with Kobe but the new york knicks do not want him to and la want him so the will pay 38.5 millon dollers to new your for him . There is als a trade about the lakers and the cavelers (cavs) want puel 16 on the los angels lakers for 17 in cavs and cavs are willing to pay 15.5 millon dollers but the lakers do not want that deal so they said no .

Injuries and how it is hurting the team

When the Bulls lost there leading scorer Derrick Rose he is out for the season if you think that he is the only one out you are wrong kobe the lakers capten is out fo 8 week do to a neek injuries and with out him they r not doing so good as if now .


In conclusion this will show you the latest updates on injuries , trades around the league and this will also show you how teams are with or without there best players .