By Hannah Matthies


Courtship is the display performed by an animal to show that they willing to mate, attract a partner, or warning off predators. It could be simple, using small actions or chemical stimuli, or it could be complex using higher acts to attract two or more individuals.
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Male Hooded Seal

This is a Male Hooded Seal, Their courtship is inflating their nasal cavities and membrane to look like a pink balloon. This could be used as a mating device or a warning device to predators.

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Angler Fish

Angler fish are very strange in their courtship. The female is the one that will try and attract a male instead of the other way around. She has a "fishing rod" feature displayed on her head and she will flash the bulb to attract males. Once she finds someone, the male bites her stomach and contains itself on her body until they fuse together. Two fish become one. The male receives nutrients and can provide sperm when the female is ready to contain eggs.

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Bowerbirds like to impress. They like to decorate their nests with colorful items and trinkets. They like to pose and flaunt their things and colors. They could grab unusual objects and show the lady what they have. Some items that they show are plastic rings, shiny tinfoil, and snail shells.

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Flamingos' courtship is to dance. They congregate into a different part of the water they are in and show her a dance. They like to make it private. A lot of flamingos live in packs to show that they are ready to mate, they will get in a small group and dance.

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Scorpions' courtship is also a dance. They grasp each others pedipalps, or claws, and spin around in a circle, like a dance. They do this until the female is ready to mate.