March Team Updates

Origami Owl Dream Designers

Hello Team,

We have lots of exciting information to cover in this February edition of our monthly newsletter!

As always, I like to start off the monthly newsletter with an announcement of our team volume for the previous month. This is one of my favorite parts of the newsletter as I love seeing how the team passes all expectations each and every month. So, drum roll please..... Our total team volume for the month of February was $67,702.80!! You topped last month's total by over $11,000! Way to go!!

I'm also so excited to announce our team promotions and highlights for the month of February:

February Promotions

Leading Designer:

Anya Bacon

Polly Bragg

Kim Meyers

Team Leader:

Stephanie Miller (Michigan)

Kimberley Wimmer

Senior Team Leader:

Kristine Oatley

In this team, all promotions of Team Leader and above are rewarded with COACH. We do this for two reasons -- to recognize you with a special, "luxury" purchase and to acknowledge your dedication as you COACH your team to success! Stephanie, Kimberley, and Kristine - you will have a special COACH gift at our monthly meeting. Anya, Polly, and Kim - would love to shower you with COACH next month!!

Keep up the great work!!

February Top Sponsors

This is the fun part of the month where we get to recognize those who were the top sponsors for the previous month. I want to give a shout out to the following designers for being the top sponsors in the month of January:

Kimberly Wimmer (3)

Jennifer Rangel (2)

I also want to give a shout out to the following designers who each sponsored one new, active designer during the month of January:

Alaina Martinez, Amy Swanson, Anya Bacon, Beth Kerbleski, Kim Meyers, Mashelle Hayes, Polly Bragg, Stephanie Miller

February Top Sales

Here are the top team sales for the O2D2 team during the month of February:

10. Ashley Keenan - $1166.80
9. Janice Donley - $1249.9
8. Nicole Kay - $1309.20
7. Deb Wright - $ 1449.20
6. Polly Bragg - $1514.60
5. Nicole Hartley - $1582.20
4. Rachel Davis - $1681.70
3. Kim Shaffer - $1696.30
2. Kimberley Wimmer - $2037.00
1. Tamara Gissendaner - $2406.25

Way to go ladies!!!!

Please join us for a very special O2 Spring Launch Preview Meeting!!!!

Origami Owl Spring Launch Preview Meeting

Saturday, March 8th, 10am

3325 Davenport Ave

Saginaw, MI

The Nest has asked all Director's to schedule a Spring Launch Meeting on March 8th!! Yay for new product!!! Please plan on joining us for this exciting event!! The cost for the meeting is $10, which includes brunch. We will be launching the new Spring/Summer catalog, providing training on how to maximize the new launch, and even have new product to display!!

Please RSVP no later than March 3rd! To RSVP, contact me at or (989) 780-0471.

*Please note, due to the March 8th meeting, there will be no March 6th or March 13th meeting as previously stated. The March 8th meeting will be the only meeting in March. We will resume our regular monthly meetings in April.*

Check out this {AMAZING} new Spring Incentive!!!

Ok, have you had a chance to review the amazing new spring incentive from Origami Owl?! If not, you need to see it below. This company continues to blow me away with their awesome incentives!! So here are the details:

1.) You need to have $500 PV by March 31st.

2.) You need to sponsor three new qualified Designers before March 31st.

3.) Those three new Designers must have $500 PV within their first 30 days (this means, if they join on March 25th, they have until April 25th to reach $500 PV).

If you reach those requirements, you will receive a BRAND NEW, O2 BRANDED, IPAD MINI! Yes, you heard me right. Each Designer who meets the requirements will receive just that. It's a challenge, but it's completely doable! So start thinking now of the top 5-7 people who have been on the fence about joining O2 and reach out them TODAY. This is an amazing deal - and it is for old and new Designers alike! Someone who joins tomorrow has the same opportunity to earn this iPad Mini and someone who is already a Designer.

For all the details and FAQs, follow this link.

Thank you all for an amazing month!! Look forward to seeing you soon!

Lots of love,