Walk Two Moons

The Use of Foreshadowing


From Gram's raspy voice, Sal's father referring to her mother as "resting peacefully" and Mrs Cadaver thinking that Phoebe had a brother, there were many subtle hints placed by the author. These hints are foreshadowing what will happen later in the novel. Sharon Creech uses this technique often in her writing.

Thesis Statement

We will examine these acts to illustrate how Sharon Creech uses foreshadowing to hint at events to come.

Support #1: Gram's Death

Gram is a very energetic person and is for most of the story. But after she is bitten by a snake things seem to go down hill. Her voice slowly starts getting raspy. "When Gram spoke you could hear the rattle in her chest." (pg 251) Also from page 251, Gramps asked Gram if she'd like to see the lake and instead of showing her customary enthusiasm with a "huzzah huzzah" she replies with a simple "that's fine".

Support #2: Sal's Mom Meets Her End in a Bus Accident

Sal's mom was in a bus accident. This was a surprise for everyone yet somehow seemed inevitable. Throughout the story the author left clues about this event. For example on page 5 the author mentions that Sal's mom is "resting peacefully" in Lewiston, ID. This shows that the mother is not coming back. On page 71 Sal mentions that her mom is in Lewiston but does not elaborate illustrating that the reason her mom is in Lewiston is either very embarrassing or very sad.

Support #3: Mike is Mrs. Winterbottom's Son

On page 193 Mrs. Partridge, who is blind, says she met Phoebe's brother. Phoebe, not having a brother, is suspicious and soon finds out that the reason Mrs. Partridge thought the boy she met was Pheobe's brother was because they look alike. She later finds out that he is Phoebe's mother's son and, in fact, Phoebe's half-brother. On page 43 a young man who is presumed by Phoebe to be a lunatic comes to the door. This is the same boy that Mrs. Partridge suspected of being Phoebe's brother. He comes to the door and asks for Mrs. Winterbottom. Phoebe finds it strange that he knows her. This foreshadows that he knows Mrs. Winterbottom and is somehow connected to the plot.


As I have shown you, there are many acts of foreshadowing in this story as illustrated in supporting arguments 1-3. Foreshadowing is a frequently used method in Sharon Creech's writing style and provides the reader clues as to what is to come.