Classical Conversations Week 24

West Lafayette

Psalms 81

"I am the Lord your God, who brought you up out of the land of Egpyt. Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it." God has promised to be the our sustainer! The sustainer of all things wants to fill our hearts, minds, soul, and stength. May you be encouraged today as you finish Cycle 1 this next Tuesday with your child(ren).

End of Year Celebration

I look forward to celebrating the completion of our year together from noon to 1 this Tuesday. The sign up is below. If I could ask you to drop off your food items to the tables downstairs where we had our fine arts time BEFORE coming in to morning assembly, I would appreciate it! Also, if you are bringing it any art from your budding artist in addition to his/her great artists CC art please drop it off on the black bar in the same area as the food (I will try to make a sign if this is confusing).

I will try to make room in the fridge for fruit and veggies but I would like to have everything ready to go to start lunch right at noon:)! After everyone has gone through the lunch line we will begin the celebrating part with short class presentations and awards. Lauren's class will sing What are "three kinds of rocks?", Rebecca's class will sing about "Greek-Roman Gods", and Cassie's class will sing about the liberation of South America.

I would also like to invite you to listen to the essential students as they dress in costume to share their independent research papers (this year we have Archimedes, Sacajawea, and Aristotle). They will be presenting after the awards. At this same time, which I hope to be close to 12:45, you may walk around and enjoy the art around the room. Feel free to collect your child's art whenever you need to leave for the day.

What to Bring for Our Luncheon (We are expecting around 50)
Fruit: Nicole, Michelle, and Lydia
Veggies/Salad: Lauren, Elizabeth, Meg, and Cassie
Desserts: Rebecca R., Hanna, Amber, and Shannon
Pizza and Paper goods: Maggie

Buddy Walk 2016

Tuesday morning Rebecca Rowan will share a bit about how we can come alongside her in an effort to raise awareness and validation to people with Down Syndrome. I would love to see our community come out in support of Edward and his great family!!

From Rebecca:
On Saturday, April 30, I will be walking in the Buddy Walk® to show my support for people with Down syndrome. I have signed up to be a team captain and want to do my part to make sure that every person with Down syndrome is given the opportunity to be a valued member of our community.
Please sign up to walk with us and/or donate. Everything is appreciated!

With every step I take and every dollar I raise, I will be helping to create a culture that fully accepts and includes the more than 400,000 Americans with Down syndrome. Last year, nearly $13 million dollars was raised worldwide by 315,000 Buddy Walk® participants.

To register and join my team, click on the website link below to visit my personal web page for the New York City Buddy Walk® and then click on "Join This Team."

Thank you so much for your support. See you at they Buddy Walk®!

UPDATE!! Family Field Trip to Von's and Rock Hunt @ Tapawingo Park

We have our next field trip Saturday, April 2nd @Von's bookstore.The store owner Jon will speak to us about his rock collection there at the store and answer any questions we may have starting at 11:00 a.m. He told me on the phone that tumbled rocks start as low as a dime and many are $1 or less. It shouldn't take much for each child who wants something to bring a treasure home:). Afterward, we will head to Tapawingo park to explore for rocks and those who want can bring a picnic lunch. Praying for a beautiful day to enjoy God's creation together.

Presentations for Week 24!

Tuesday's presentation prompt is: Tell us about something you LOVE about CC? DId you have a science project you thought was great? Fine Arts? A subject we learned in New Grammar? You could even ask your mom her favorite part and share that in your presentation:).

This week we will hear from the Briscos family about the Carafa family.

Practicum in Frankfort May 25th to 27th! -REGISTRATION IS OPEN!

You can now register for practicum! There is always room for parents but the camps have been known to fill up so sign up as soon as possible.

You can try the link below to get started.