The Heart Beats Again

The Lorton Family Journey toward Adoption

Our Story - The Quick Version

The purpose of this newsletter is to give you a small glimpse into our happy little family and to tell you a little bit of our story. Our story actually starts in front of an elementary bathroom in Hurst, Texas. I was slightly startled when I came out of the teacher's lounge bathroom to see not only a new face but such a cute one (Josh was there visiting his brother who was a 6th grade teacher). With a little help from mutual teacher friends, we found out that we had both caught each other's eye. The first year was many miles apart with many phone calls and emails - you really get to know a person that way! I was thrilled when he moved to Fort Worth the next year and we could begin our life as a real couple day to day instead of in cyberspace and on weekend visits.

In 2008, we exchanged our 'I Do's' and began this life journey together. One year later (just one day shy of our one year anniversary) we learned that a little one was on the way. In February 2010, Micah made us a family of 3. You could talk to Josh or myself and learn that absolutely NOTHING in life has brought us more joy than being 'Mommy' and 'Daddy' and a little family.

As all good stories and God's plans do - there was a twist in our story. When Micah turned 2 we decided to add to our family. We didn't expect any complications - it'd been so easy and problem free the first time around. The details can be a bit depressing so in a nutshell - we had a hard time even getting pregnant the 2nd time around. When we were finally elated to see that + sign, our joy was short lived. To sum it up, we are actually a family with 5 kids - one is here with us on earth and the other 4 are waiting for us in heaven.

We had to refocus our plans. We always have and will always want to be a bigger family. It just means the next part of our family may not be carried in my body.

A Little About Life as a Lorton

Should I be embarrassed that the manager of the Little Caesars by our house knows me and my order by name? That is because Friday night is pizza and movie night for us - the only deviations are when there are plans with family. Micah celebrates every Friday before school knowing that Friday night means she is allowed to stay up later and watch movies in our bed.

Weekday nights include dinner, homework, baths and reading. A lot of nights you might find a Daddy Daughter wrestling match on the living room floor or Micah painting my nails.

Because Josh and I are both teachers (Micah goes to school with Josh), Summers mean a lot of together time. Last summer we spent many days at Hawaiin Falls and at our community pools.

Being a Lorton means lots of time with extended family. All of the Lorton and Wright (my maiden name) immediate families live in the DFW area. That means cousin sleep overs and busy birthday parties. Being a part of this crew brings cook outs with Grammy and Pappy and big family dinners at Papa Dave's and GiGi's house.

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I know this may sound silly but Micah already is a big sister at heart even though she hasn't had the opportunity with actual practice. She's a little rule follower and mother hen to her younger cousins. She's been asking for and anticipating a sibling for awhile. We hope that it is a part of God's plan to get the experience. She loves Little Pet Shops, Monster High, and has Barbies galore.