The Uglies

By:Scott Westerfeld

The Uglies Summary

Tally had this best friend named Peris.Then peris want to go turn into a pretty so he left tally and went to turn into a pretty.Then tally never saw peris again until she decided to go across the river to see him.When she was crossing the river she got caught and then she was trying to hide from the people.Then she went to hide in a bush there was this other girl named shay. Shay and tally started to be come friend ever sence the found each other in the bush.Then shay one day shay told tally to not to tell anyone a secret shay was going to head to smoke acuaully she was excapeing to smoke.Shay did not want tally to tell anyone about the sercet but she did.

Scott Westerfeld

Scott Westerfeld

Born: May 5, 1963 Dallas, Texas, USA Family: Pamela, mother, from West, Texas

Lloyd, father, from Crawford, Texas (the same town where George W. Bush bought his fake ranch in 2000)Wendy and Jackie, sisters (both older)Grew up in Texas, California, Connecticut

My dad was a computer programmer in the 1960s-70s, when computers were as big as a house and came with a bunch of people to make them do stuff. He worked for Univac in its various forms, and we lived in Houston for the Apollo missions, in California for Boeing, and Connecticut for submarines, etc.


Tally-she is known as squirt her last name is youngblood. She is one of shays friend and she is peris friend.

Shay-she is known as skinny is Tally’s best friend and the one to originally suggest that they should run away from the city.

Peris- Tally’s best friend, who was already pretty at the beginning of the book. He helps Tally decide to betray Shay. Peris is 3 months older than Tally and Shay

Relative information

I liked the book. The book had a lot of inserting things.The book has a lot of dental.The charters have alot of love.

Personal Recommendation

i would tell alot of people to read this because it was really good.i think other people would like it. i would even tell people to read his other books.