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Carter Lomax Middle School

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Dates to Remember

9/3 Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

9/5 Beginner Band Instrument Night

9/5 Cherrydale Fundraiser Kickoff

9/10-9/14 Grandparent's Week

9/18 Open House 5th Grade @ 6:00-7:00

9/19 Open House 6th Grade @ 6:00-7:00

Coach's Corner

The City of Pasadena is hosting a Middle School Girls Volleyball League this Fall! Interested girls can sign up by visiting the Parks and Recreation Office (address on flyer) or at Lomax on September 10th. The league will include one day of practice and one game day a week. Ms. Tolleson is looking forward to coaching our Lomax girls!
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It’s that time again! Our 6th grade students are learning their locker combinations. Students are allowed, and encouraged to bring deodorant, extra tennis shoes, brush… (NO glass)

Thanks, Coach Williams

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Students have been hard at work in their classes as they become Self-Directed Learners through the Connect Platform. This week, students have learned how to set goals for their learning, take notes from resources online, collaborate with their peers to learn materials, and put their learning to the test by taking Content Assessments! Our teachers are so proud to see how quickly Carter Lomax students are mastering the Self-Directed Learning Cycle!
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Bully Free School Project

To onboard students this year with Project Time norms and expectations, the students went through checkpoint activities and completed a final product. The final product was a poster that illustrated how to make Carter Lomax a Bully Free School. The Cognitive Skill associated with the project was Norms and Active Listening. Students were given the cognitive skill rubric for Norms and Active Listening, then scored their group based on the language in the cognitive skill rubric. Below is pictures from Mrs. Lambert's class creating their posters.

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Concept Units have begun!

Sixth grade math students have start their first Concept Unit on Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers. Mrs. Tomei's students are below showing off their warm up and human number line.
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Name That Book

This week every student in Ms. Particka's homeroom received a book from the Name that Book list from one of her friends/family members.
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Grandparents Week is coming up!

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Parent Connect

You will be receiving an email from Summit Learning inviting you to login to the platform and see your student's information. Having your own Parent Connect account allows you to view your child's goals for the week, current grades, and dues dates for Focus Areas, Projects, and Concept Units.

When you receive the email from Summit Learning, you will only need to follow the link, watch the video, and create your own password for the account. If you do not receive an email, contact your child's homeroom teacher.

Counselor's Weekly Parent Connect

As we move into the third week of school, students are beginning to get back into daily routines. Routines are essential for a student’s academic, social, and emotional success, it can also build your family bonds. A good routine caters for the needs of all family members. Here are a few developmentally appropriate routines for teenagers as well as routines for the entire family.


  • Using family resources like the computer and telephone
  • Doing laundry or other chores
  • Homework
  • Hobbies or sport
  • After-school activities
  • Making beds and cleaning rooms

All ages

  • Preparing and eating meals together
  • Family days (family activities)
  • Family DVD nights
  • Family meetings
  • Taking turns talking about the day
  • Special one-to-one time with a parent
  • Regular contact with extended family and friends
  • National/state/local celebration days, annual fetes or outings
  • Saying prayers or observing religious events

(Information above retrieved from website:

Parent Coordinator/5th Grade Counselor

Tara Crum

6th Grade Counselor/Bilingual

Cynthia Pena