mLearning in K-12 Classrooms

5 mobile apps that can be used to enhance your classroom

Google Drive

Google provides a free app for people to connect to Google Drive on their mobile devices.

Provided students have gmail accounts, they will have access to free Google Docs software they can use to simultaneously collaborate with other students on the same documents. It also allows students to save other types of work on Drive that will be available anywhere they have their mobile device.


Evernote is an incredibly diverse tool that allows users to take notes, share notes, share whiteboard photos, and store files that can be shared later with users.

This tool can be used by teachers as a Learning Management system. Evernote act's as a cloud device that allows teachers to upload content and share them with their students. Teachers can also scan assignments and tests into Evernote so they can grade from home without hauling stacks of paper to and from their school.

Evernote Tutorial - How to organize Evernote for high school students?


Vitalsource is a service at allows students to access their textbooks on any of their mobile devices.

This allows students to always have access to their learning materials, both at home and in school, without worrying about the size and weight of traditional texts.

Formulas +

Mobile app that allows students to interact with standard formula's in Math, Chemistry and Physics.

This app gives students an interactive tool to understand the individual elements behind different formula's in order to help them learn how to use them. As a teacher, I might use this app in a discovery learning setting to get students to figure out how to use new concepts on their own.


EasyBib is a free mobile app that helps students create accurate citations and bibliographies.

This is a tool I might use with junior high students writing papers for the first time with a need for proper citations. It allows them to get used to the formatting involved with these papers and will allow them to double check their work before they hand it in.