Kingswood's Weekly Update

September 21, 2021


Dear Kingswood Families,

Happy official first week of fall (September 22). The school year is flying by and days have been filled with learning. Students are once again rocking the “SWIM” at Kingswood Stay Safe, Works Hard, Is Kind and Respectful and Manages Actions. It is what keeps us successful and safe during our school day.

This year, a few of you are in Virtual Academy but most Kingswood students are learning in the building. Of course, we are being very cautious, practicing the 3 W’s-Wait, Wash, and Wear Masks. We are pulling together to provide an environment that is as safe as possible for all in our building.

We are digging deeper in our Positivity Project this year, learning more about how we can develop strong character strengths. Last week we explored Curiosity as a character strength and this week our focus is on Teamwork. We grow stronger as students as we study our personal strengths and how we can develop those areas that we still need work in.


If you want your students to eat breakfast here at school, you must arrive before 8:45. We stop serving breakfast at that time to allow students time to eat and arrive in class for the beginning of the instructional day at 9:05. Thanks,

We are thankful for all the work you do everyday in order to have your children learning here with us at Kingswood.

Ms. Sherry


The health and safety of our students and staff is of the upmost importance. All students will be required to wear masks as we all need to follow the 3W's (wait 6 ft, wear a mask, wash hands frequently). This return to school guide is a good place to start for getting your questions answered

Please have your child practice wearing a mask if they have not done so before so as to make the transition easier for them. Let them know there will be a health screening before they enter the building.


  • Car riders: will arrive in the same fashion as last year. One recent change is that we are no longer required to do a health screening of your child in the morning. However, if your child has a fever or is not feeling well, please do not send them to school and do not give them fever reducing medications and then send them to school.
  • Breakfast is being served in the Cafeteria. If your child is a car rider, please try and get them to school by 8:45 so they have enough time to eat and get to class by 9:05. We are finding quite a few people are coming to school late this year.

Dismissal: Students will all be dismissed from the classroom. Car riders: when you pull up in line make sure your carpool tag is prominently displayed. If you do not have one, the staff member who is identifying the cars will ask your name and ask if you need a tag. You will receive a tag (with your student) during the first week. Since dismissal will take longer than usual please have patience as we do our best to keep all the children safe and socially distanced. Bus riders: as always in the beginning of the year dismissal takes a bit longer than later in the year. If you would like to know where the bus is, please download the "Here Comes the Bus" app and follow the directions here Please have patience as we make sure students are socially distanced for dismissal and everyone can stay safe.

Water Bottles:

  • Water fountains are closed at the present time. Please send your child to school with a water bottle. If that is not possible, we will have cups available for students to get a drink of water from the sink in their classroom.

Bus riders:

  • Students are required to wear a face covering at all times while on the bus. Drivers will submit a bus incident form if a student arrives at the stop without a face covering. Drivers will have a supply of face coverings to give to students who don’t have them. This video shows parents and students all the bus health and safety procedures.
  • EC Riders: A parent/guardian should wear a face covering to accompany the student to the vendor vehicle while maintaining a six-foot distance from other passengers. The student will need to pass the symptom screening checklist and a temperature check before boarding the vehicle. The parent/guardian will need to answer the symptom screening questions for the student. If the parent/guardian does not accompany the student to the vehicle, the driver should ask the student the symptom screening checklist questions. The driver should use their best judgment if the child can respond on their own. If the student cannot respond on their own, the driver will perform a temperature check only and notify school staff upon arrival at school.
  • Training on student boarding procedures, along with bus safety training, is required for ALL students during the first week of school. This is a State of North Carolina requirement. Drills that include physically evacuating out of the rear emergency door are not proposed this year given the amount of close contact.

Visitors: will not be allowed in the building. If you come to school to pick up your child ring the doorbell (or follow the instructions we have verbally given you over the phone if your child is sick) and we will come to the door to speak with you.