Expansion in the United States

By: Tanna Payne

The Manifest destiny

This was the 19th century doctrine that the united states had the right and duty to expand throughout the North American continent. It lead to the passage of legislation such as the homestead act, which encouraged westward colonization and territorial acquisition. In 1845 this term was used by John O Sullivan. He said america had been uniquely chosen for the task of expanding westward., driving out the wilderness and establishing civilization.
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Manifest picture

The picture above shows travel and expansion. It shows that that were chosen by something more powerful than them "in this case a god or supernatural creature" to expand westward. As you can see in the picture they are traveling in the west direction.

War for Texas independence

In 1843 the United States became alarmed over the policy of great Britain toward Texas. the British were opposed to annexation and contemplated the use of force to prevent it. They did not want to add Texas to the British empire. The president at the time John Tyler, concluding that Texas must not become a satellite of great Britain, proposed annexation.
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Texas picture

This picture shows Texas as not being apart of the other states. This picture depicts Texas as being independent.

Mexican war

president James k Polk got word that Mexican forces had ambushed two of general Zachary Taylor's companies along the Rio Grande. He immediately demanded that congress appropriate funds for war, proclaiming that the Mexicans had initiated a full blown-conflict. The war lasted 1 and a half years. The us won.
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Mexican War picture

The picture shows the war between the us and and the Mexicans. It shows the us winning the war.