The Perseverance Journal

By: Abby Granato


The way one perseveres may look different to another. However to persevere one must have determination, strength, and be a hard worker. Perseverance is working your way through a hard time, despite fear of failure. To persevere one must first have a goal. Then they need to believe in themselves to reach that goal. Lastly they must work hard to achieve their goal.

Losing To Win - Description

Carroll Academy is your typical school. By looking at it you would never be able to tell that there is an inspiring, bittersweet story behind it. Carroll Academy is nestled in the heart of a rundown, beat up rural area. In this rural area 19.6% of people are below poverty line, and 12.3% of people are unemployed. Most students at Carroll Academy go home to dirty, beat up, Rat infested homes in result of their parents abusing drugs and alcohol. The students have dealt with anger, depression, anxiety and some even tried drugs at a young age. But all of that changed, when The Carroll Academy Lady Jags started. The Lady Jags have had a 213 game losing streak, but the Lady Jags' Coach thinks the life lessons, and the friendships they made are more important. Although, none of the girls have ever played basketball before, they love playing it because it gets their minds off of their depression and anger. The girls are only allowed to play basketball if they keep their grades up, which really helped them. Throughout playing for the Lady Jags, The girls have found happiness and friendships that could last a lifetime. I think the Lady Jags made a huge impact on the girls, and helped them persevere through their adversities. The team bonded very well and they found support through each other. The girls now know no matter how bad your past can be, you can turn it around in a positive way.
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The Lady Jags triumph despite the fact, they lost every game.

Jackie Robinson- Description

Although Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier many years ago, many African- American baseball players have not decided to follow in Jackie's footsteps and lead by example.It all started on April 15, 1947, When Jackie Robinson had the courage to step up to the plate and swing. He could hear the racist baseball fans screaming insults, but he stayed silent, had courage, and was the perfect candidate to be the first black player in the Major Leagues.

He and Branch Rickey had a glimmer of hope that this would inspire other African-American baseball players in the future.

Jackie has left a legacy, like no other that has made a huge impact on African-American baseball players. But not many players, there is lacked appreciation for African-American baseball players today. Many African-American fans and players take part in Football and Basketball. For example, "More than 68% of NFL players are African-American" states. The difference between baseball and other sports is that the main feature of the game is the team. Where in other sports, the players are the reason people are drawn in and fascinated

by the sport. "In baseball,a star doesn't impact the game nearly as much as he does in basketball" the article A Legend's Lost Legacy. While 42 hails Jackie, blacks are giving up baseball states.

People should really appreciate that our society has adapted to a way of living where most of us accept others, despite their race. And lead the way by decreasing discrimination in baseball, where it could finally be considered as a diverse sport.

Kid President- Description/Compare/contrast

Robby Novak is best known as Kid President the YouTube sensation and a positive and brave kid. He has a life-long chronic condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which is a "disease characterized by a lack of normal collagen needed to form strong bones" the article Bone Disease Doesn't Slow Kid President's Campaign states. Robby has many adversities, such as more than 70 bone breaks, Pamidronate infusions every 13 weeks, and Robby's disease includes horrible symptoms. Despite these adversities, he remains positive and inspiring, he keeps continuing his Kid President videos and inspiring people all around the world. He has shown perseverance by instead of having a negative attitude because of his bone disease, he inspires and teaches others how to stay positive despite your adversities. If you ask any of his viewers, Robby lives life to the fullest and doesn't just survive, He thrives. The positive attitude that Robby radiates in his videos can easily make your day. As Robby once said: "You're awake. You're awesome. Live like it!" and he surely does.
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Robby Novak, Inspires listeners to be awesome, while speaking eloquently.

Graphic Organizers - Problem-Solution

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Eleanor Roosevelt speaks out, because she doesn't want people to be complacent in the work force.

Churchill - Cause/Effect

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Over all many have shown perseverance to achieve their goals. Some have persevered by speaking out, others, like Jackie Robertson, persevered by his actions and not his words. These people never gave up and they paved the way for others to persevere. We all have the power within ourselves to persevere and to triumph. When one sits on the side lines and does nothing, nothing changes. But when one perseveres they can make a difference.