Principal's Update

Week of January 25th

I hope you were able to read a book or get some rest over the long and cold weekend!

Classroom Observatons

Kristen and Michael will be visiting classrooms to provide feedback on math workshop and Lisa Taylor will be providing feedback in literacy. Keri Beth and I will continue to use the informal ADEP template to provide instructional feedback. Please remember to respond to questions that are posed to you. Remember observations and feedback are to help you grow and improve instruction and student achievement.

Family Night - January 28th

Thank you for the time and effort that you've put into planning our next event for students and parents. We have received such positive feedback on our Family Nights! I really appreciate all that you do!


Please review emergency procedures with students. We will be practicing a fire drill, reverse evacuation, and emergency lockdown in the very near future.

We will use the abbreviated schedule that we used on Enrichment Day.

I had to share this because I feel we all should embody these mindframes! Always remember to have a positive mindset.

Something to ponder

"Stop using grades as punishment and use them to improve instruction."

Dr. Douglas Reeves