BY: Tyler Phillips

Advantages on being a younger learner

Learning a new language at a young age is better because there brains aren't developed all the way yet. Also learning at a young age is easier because the young kids have very little knowledge so when they start learning it isn't hard . Another thing about that is that the input from the environment around them so what ever there around it gets to them and they can learn it better

Advantages to being an older learner

Learning a new language at an older age can be harder because at an older brain has a lot of knowledge already so I would be a little more challenging to learn. A new language can be harder for older kids because they might already have a developed in another culture in life . A new language for an older kid would be easier for them because they have a first language to learn off of when studying a different language.

Learning a new language

Learning a new language can help people in life by people getting people to learn a new culture. A new language can also help people get good jobs in life because they know two languages in life. Some people learn a new language just because they want to learn the culture in life.