∞∞Come to the Middle Colonies∞∞

≈≈≈≈The Best of the 13 Colonies≈≈≈≈


  • We have many more rights than Europe
  • Right to vote for a white Christian man over twenty-one
  • We have an upper house and lower house
  • We allow you to bring slaves


The middle colonies are New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware. The middle colonies were located to the south and west of New England and north of the southern colonies.


In this economy, we are actually known for our farming. We make money by selling cash crops at the market. Farming is one of the most common job. Our farms are larger than the ones in England.

Political System

Each colonies has legislature. The governors mostly were appointed, by the colonies proprietor. We all have the right to vote for white, christian men over 21. We have an upper house and lower house.

Kaashif Khan ; Ismael Patel