The Weekly Warrior

February 6, 2016

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Passionate Learners- How to Engage and Empower Your Students- Pernille Ripp

Food for Thought pg 11 "When we teachers talk a lot, students turn into drones. Instead of creating opportunities for them to explore the content and discover their own passionate interests, we talk and talk and talk so that we can get them ready for the assessment. We talk to get them ready to learn, and then we talk about the learning they are doing, and then we talk about what they just learned. I had never considered that being quiet might actually help them learn more, better and faster".

February 12th Schedule

7th grade- LRC 7:30-8:10

8th grade LRC 8:20-9:00

6th grade LRC 9:10-9:50

The PTO will be kicking off their fundraiser and have agreed to helping us transform two classrooms into Collaborative Learning Spaces with awesome furniture and technology.

5 essentials survey- Students can take the survey now.

Students should begin taking the survey now during Advisory.

IMPORTANT: Advisory teachers should administer the 5 essentials survey between February 5th - February 29th. Not all students have to take it at the same time, but be sure to explain the importance to each set of students taking the survey and how we use the information.

The link will be on the web page for students but I provided it here for teachers. Teachers are scheduled to take the survey on February 22nd during collaboration time after school.

Survey Link

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Extra Curricular News

Monday, Feb. 8th-picture day for soccer, basketball, softball, cheer, dance, student council officers and chess after school in the main gym.

Boys basketball has an away game on Tuesday and the girls basketball team has a home game on Tuesday. Come support the team at 4:15 in the main gym.

Wrestling match against Lisle will take place Wednesday at 4:15 in the main gym. If you haven't been to a wrestling meet, come watch the action! Our wrestling team will participate in the conference tournament this coming Saturday at Eisenhower Jr. High School. Best of luck to our wrestling team!

Tech Tip for Teachers-Google Tip of the Week

Have a document or webpage with lots of text and looking for a something specific? Try pressing Ctrl + F and type in the word you are searching. BAM ... all the mentions of the word or phrase will show up!



Use this form to recognize the #warriorpride we see in each other.

It really is nice when staff recognize each other:) hint hint

Brian has coached several sports over the years. He is a very kind and compassionate coach! Even with all the changes we have seen in our athletics programs he still manages to give his all.His guidance to his athletes is incredible! They are better athletes, students, and people after being on one of his teams. Thank-you Brian for making a difference!

Thank you to Sandy Dobert of Little Mountain Theater Company, Roy Nees of LHS Drama, Molly Heboda form our PTO and a host of former OQ students for hosting our theater night.

Just a quick note of praise for Ms. Deb Jilek. My son, Joey, has her for Science and she is wonderful about sending parents positive notes about what is going on in her class. She not only compliments the hard work of the students, but sends tons of pictures of the kids doing experiments and learning. What a great way of showing some of the amazing things happening in Old Quarry classrooms!!

Erica Valenti

#warriorpride#risktaker Cathy Anderson and Kim Darche

1. Fakebook is great, because it forces kids to use their imaginations ("Well, if you were Johnny Cash's friend, what might you post? Heck, if you were Johnny Cash, what might you post?!")

2. I put the directions on google classroom, instead of printing them on paper, and then reading the key points to the kids. With few exceptions, this seemed to sink in better: they had to read it for themselves.

3. I put the "job division" on google classroom, and each kid had to complete the survey. So far, this is the MOST complete collection of projects I've ever seen. Almost every team has included quotes, and almost every team has turned in an "easybib" style bibliography (two things that were frequently missing, especially on 7th graders' projects.)

Bottom line, I took a huge risk (I am a control freak at heart, maybe it was all those years on the podium, haha), and it has TOTALLY paid off :-)

Advisory Corner

Research is due this week, a teacher survey about grading scales will follow shortly.

Great things going on at OQMS-

  • Primary Source Analysis- small group work was amazing way to introduce Ancient China-Manojlovic
  • Breakout EDU-Amazing-Nevin
  • Co-Teaching Science Waves Ehn/Anderson Interactive
  • Playdoh- Feedback Process-Nowak Unique
  • Interactive PE- Many new games for students all at once-Holdman
  • Primary Source Analysis- Partner work engaging-Goss

Challenge to OQ Staff: List Objective or I can statement for each lesson.