AP/IB Psychology

September 30, 2015

Unit 2 Updates

We have started the first major length unit in psychology. The study of biological processes is a base for all the other units in the course. Encourage your student to maintain reading and notetaking at a pace that leaves time for reflection.

Neuron Classroom Activity

The following pictures are examples of the build a neuron activity we conducted in class recently. While simplistic looking it meets many requirements of a learner. Those that are kinesthetic get to move, the visual spatial can arrange the model, and the auditory are able to explain it to me as I move around the room. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the examples.

Unit 2 Test

Friday, Oct. 9th, 9pm

201 Alma Pinnix Drive

Greensboro, NC

Chapter 2 on the brain and biology

Brain Project

Friday, Oct. 9th, 9pm

AP Psychology

Please remind your student to work on this a little at a time so that stress levels will be reduced.

Great tool to help your student in test prep

Quizlet allows you to print off, drill, and assist students with vocab prep.

Crash Course

These videos are short, quick, and made for general use. This might be a good tool to understand what your student is learning.
The Chemical Mind - Crash Course Psychology #3
Meet Your Master: Getting to Know Your Brain - Crash Course Psychology #4