Internet Saftey

By: Ryan Graffagnino


Don't ever, under any circumstance share you password to anybody. Even If they are your best friend.


Do not give away your address to anybody.

Stranger Danger

Do not accept friend requests from people you do not know.


Remember that whatever pictures you post will be there forever.

People in real life

Don't ever meet up with people you have met on the internet in real life.


Always delete you history in case if you have bought somebody a gift or present.


Do not steal artwork off of the internet and claim it is yours. You must give credit to the owner of the work.


If somebody is bulling you on the internet, do not bully them back. Either block them or just ignore them.


If you get a message saying that you are the one million visitor, just close it. It is an ad to try to get you to buy something.


If there are rumors going around don't help spread them. You are just making things worse.