11/22/63- By Stephen King

Smore made and produced by: Payton Reese Grant

"On November 22 1963 three shots rang out in Dallas, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy died and the world changed"- 11/22/63

What If You Could Change The World Back?

Asked Questions

  • Who killed Kennedy?- Lee Harvey Oswald
  • How many shots were fired?- Three
  • Did the nation mourn?- Yes, all television programs were postponed for 4 days while the only thing on television was JFK's family, friends and the trial for Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Location of Assassination?- Dealey Plaza, Dallas, TX


The book, is about a recently divorced English Teacher named Jake Epping. Who is profound by his Adult Lit. students writing about something that changed his life. The man wrote about the night his father killed his whole family except him. Jake was never an emotional guy, but he cried. Which he often never did (one of the leading causes of his divorce). Then, as the story proceeds, Al the owner of a diner in which Jake often comes too finds a portal to the past. Al decides to do something profound with the portal, but he is getting very old and has terminal cancer. So, Al decides to tell Jake about the portal, and about his idea of traveling to the past to stop the JFK assassination and stopping the murders of many young men in the Vietnam War. Al then tells Jake some things he must know for the portal 1. No Matter what the date is always Sept. 9th 1958. 2. No matter how long you stay in the past (which for Al is 5 years) it is always 2011 just 2 or 3 minutes later. 3. If you change the past and do not do it correctly the past "resets itself". The main reason Jake wants to go back is too save his student from the horrible happenings of that night with his father.

What Happens if Jake Doesn't Make It? Will He Be Lost In Time? Or Successfully Save Kennedy And His Student?

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