CVPS Environment Club

Garden Update

The Environment Club of Canley Vale Public School has had another successful season in the vegetable garden.

Strawberry plants

Our strawberries were slow to grow at first,
but have finally started to produce fruit.
We are looking forward to our first taste
of home grown strawberries.

Lettuce Plants

Our lettuces were rapid to grow and it seemed
no sooner had we planted our seedlings, that
our plants had gone to seed. We are currently
gathering and saving the seeds to use for our
new crop next season.

Tomato Plants

The most successful plants we have had in
our garden have been the Golden Cherry
tomatoes, which have been producing fruit
continuously all year. Every time we tend to
our garden we all get a feed of the yummiest
tomatoes ever.

Herb Garden

The herb garden has been a huge success
with an aromatic array of healthy herbs.
Our garden boasts a crop which includes
parsley, marjoram, lemon grass, thyme,
basil and oregano.

Capsicum Plants

We have harvested around 50 capsicums
from 2 very small capsicum plants so far.
We pick them while they are green and
they soon after turn red.