Team Radiant Joy January Newsletter

Celebrating Your December Success


WoW!! What an amazing, crazy, jam-packed month December was! You know I love to celebrate you....but I want to shout out on the roof tops...EVERY SINGLE PERSON on Team Radiant Joy placed an order in December! Keep your momentum going with the fabulous new catalog and all the newness!

Our 2015 Spring/Summer catalog is out. It's Fabulous...and it is only NEW once...get in touch with everyone and share it with them. What a great opportunity to connect with customers and past hostesses. You won't be sorry!!

Rene' Hughes - Independent Senior Director

Contact me for questions or your personal coaching appointment


Personal Stats

Parties Held: 2

Personal Recruits: 0

Personal Sales: $1276.65

Paycheck: $1376.00

It pays to help others build their dreams! Had I not chosen to be in leadership my paycheck would have been $319.00

Team Stats

Number of Consultants: 22

Number of Team Parties held: 29

Team Recruits: 0

Team Sales: $14718.44

Entire Success Lineage:

Number of Consultants: 57

Number of Parties: 46

Number of Recruits: 0

Organization Sales: $25413.00

Team Resources:

Personal coaching calls can be held with me to increase your bookings, focus your business or hold you accountable to your goals. Please email me if you are interested.

We also have a team Facebook Page that everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in. Many of our trainings and business tips are announced there. Here is the link.


Top Party Girls! - Kay Jacobsen - 6, Michelle Padden - 4,

Shannon Van Allen - 3, Angel Prochnow -3, Missy McCoy - 3

The party is where it is at...keep your calendar filled and you will always be in business!

Newly Qualified Consultants:

Top in Personal Volume:

Michelle Padden $2620.22

Kay Jacobsen $2006.85

Angel Prochnow $1301.25

Shannon Van Allen $1062.75

Amanda DeSmith $858.77

Cassie Hestekin $847.66

Missy McCoy $716.00

Laura McKenzie 663.80

Congratulations to every single fabulous woman on Team Radiant Joy for placing an order in December and WOrKING your business!!

Dream Builders: 0

You will realize your dreams even faster when you share the Thirty-One Opportunity

Mark Your Calendars!!!!!

#1 Don't forget that you can earn a Diamond District Purse and a Mini Diamond District purse for your sales in January! Check TOT for the details and get those orders in so you have those purses in your hand for your February Parties! (Purses are the customer special in February)


You have until Thursday February 15th to do it.........This is a can't miss meeting! It's gonna be big!!

#3 And....Don't forget about our fantastic 31Gives Heart Icon that is available for a limited time. Let's as a team sell the fire out of it!! Available through March 15th on select items. Each purchase contributes to the 31Gives initiative!! :)

Local Training Opportunity!! Basic Training - Boom Camp!!

I'm so excited to work with any of you local ladies that can make it to this day of training and team building. With a BRAND NEW catalog to start our year off right now is the time to master some skills to make your business BOOM!!

Join me at my home on Saturday, February 7th, 2015 from 9am - 2pm. We will be doing a pot luck lunch so bring a dish to share. Come and learn some great booking tools, how to connect with customers, and all about the WOW party experience and how to do it! Submit your top 5 questions to me a few day before the training so I can make sure to speak to any business needs you have. :)

Can't wait to spend some quality time investing in you and your business!! <3

Please RSVP on the Facebook event so I know how many supplies I am in need of.

Congratulation again on a fabulous year end! I am exited and praying for blessings for you and your business for 2015! It is going to be a fabulous year!

Reach out to me if you need to. Book those parties! Have an awesome month!!

All My Best,