All about me

Trevor Juisto

Basic Facts

My name is Trevor. I am 13 years old. I played two sports but then dropped out of one. The sports I used to play is Football and Wrestling but I still play wrestling. I had come second in conference while losing to a deer field kid who took first. My parents names are Joe and Tami but I have a step mother named Melanie. My family heritage is from Italy so me and my family on my mothers side is Italian.


My fathers name is Joesph David Squires my mothers name is Tami Jean Juisto and my step mothers name is Melanie Rae Squires. have two brothers and two sisters the brothers names are Jeremy who is 7 and Easton is 10 months old. My sisters names are Colby who is 10 and Brooklynn who turned 2 in August.


The foods I like is lasagna, lasagna is my favorite food. Other foods I like is pizza cheeseburgers and ham and cheese omelets. If I had to choose three foods I would eat ever day they would be, the ham and cheese omelet for breakfast then a cheese pizza for lunch then lasagna for dinner.


Things I like to do for fun is ride my four-wheeler play games,sports,and drive my gas powered R/C cars. I play football for fun with my brothers and do the four-wheeler, play games, and the R/C car with my dad or friends.


My top 3 friends are Haven Truschinski Conner Ganster and Vinnie Jeffords. They have been their for me as long as I have been at Marshall.


Saturday, April 27th 2013 at 8:15am


I was born on April 27