Core Teacher MacBook Air Rollout!

Language Arts, Math, Social Studies & Science Teachers...

Middle School Core Teachers Gettin' Some Air!!

MacBook Air that is! Yes... You read that right! Core Teachers at BMS, CMS, & KMMS will be receiving Teacher the form of MacBook Airs! Now some of you may be thinking, "I am a PC Person. I don't know how to use a Mac!" Well, No worries... This summer the CTCs along with Dr. Lutz will be giving classes. Each Teacher will have to take a 1 day class (CEUs will be given as well) to receive this awesome tool. What better way to be in full swing with the Common Core than using an 'Apple'... get it...Apple....Core ;-) ... Anyway - see details below:

Sign up for a class online before you leave for the Summer...

Classes will be held at Central Services (Old Shelby Middle School) in the Technology building. Choose one of the dates below. You must register online. You will receive your MacBook Air at the training. If you do not attend one of these training days you will not receive your MacBook Air. Classes run from 9:00-2:30 with a 1 hour break for lunch.

Dates to choose from are:

June 14, 2013

June 17, 2013

August 5, 2013

**As of July 29, 2013 - unless you have heard from your CTC otherwise - The only available date is now just August 6, 2013.

***New Hires: If you are unable to get logged into the Staff Development site - then HR has not completed your information. You will register at a later date.*** Just email your CTC and let them know you are coming.***


Trainers: Dr. Cheryl Lutz, Jeanna Bryson, Angela McKee, & Randall Tipton

Gettin' to the Core of the MacBook Air!