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May 19, 2017

Grade Chair Expectations for 2017-2018

We want to keep our awesome momentum going as we move on to the next school year! Here are the expectations for the grade chairs:

- Data monitoring and collection throughout the year to share out at meetings and on our data wall

- Plan, organize, and implement field trips tied to curriculum

- Plan, organize, and implement in school celebrations

- Plan, organize, and implement one grade-level performance/ showcase for the year

- Market and communicate with parents to increase parent participation

- Communicate instructional focus and act as a liaison for grade level concerns

- Give a monthly update for the newsletter spotlighting excellence

- Facilitate unit planning and meetings with the team to hold entire team accountable and positive

- Model positive communication with various stakeholders through social media and professional conversations

** If you are interested, please reach out to Emerson or Moree ASAP **

We are MOVING ON UP... GO VBE!!!

11% gains into proficiency!!!!

We are not the LOWEST school...

We are not the SECOND LOWEST SCHOOL!!!

Great job 3rd grade and our amazing TRIBAL Coaches!

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End of Year Updates

Report Cards

Today, sheets of red notes will be placed in your mailbox. Please attach one to each of your students' report cards BEFORE submitting them to your grade chair on Monday. Grade chairs will turn in the entire group's report cards to the evaluating administrator for review on Tuesday and will be returned to send home on Wednesday.

Cleaning Out Rooms

We want to ensure a calm, stable, academic-focused environment for the remaining days. Students need to know that #MayMatters and that there will be learning taking place until the last day. We have 2 workdays after the kids leave for cleaning rooms, packing boxes, etc.

CUM/SIF Review Schedule for 5/25
11:30 Kinder
12:15 1st Grade
1:00 2nd Grade
1:45 3rd Grade
2:30 4th Grade
3:15 5th Grade

Our Book Study for 2017-2018 is......

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The 2017-2018 school schedule, the ESE schedules, and the ESOL schedules for next year are complete and in the Wigwam! Take a look!

Supply Orders

Please see Ms. Yvette for the packet to create your supply order for next year. Each teacher who is returning to VBE has $75 to spend.

#VBEVIP is Ms. Kachele! Enjoy your special parking spot!

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Updates from Ms. Van Brimmer

Summer Read Alouds: I would love to have volunteers from our teaching & support staff to do read aloud recordings to post on our social media channels this summer. We want to show our Little Indians that reading & learning does not stop during the summer. Choose your favorite book to share with our tribe and I will record you reading it aloud. Please sign up on the Google Form below. If you would like me to choose a book for you, please note that as well.


Principal's Challenge: We are continuing our tradition of having a Principal's Challenge during the summer months to keep our kiddos engaged. This year we are adding iReady usage as well. You will each be receiving a stack of Principal's Challenge forms along with a suggested summer reading list {which is optional}. Please send these forms home with your report cards. If we reach 300,000 minutes read, then Ms. Emerson, Ms. Moree, and Ms. Van Brimmer will get PIES thrown in their FACES! We are also having an ice cream party for kiddos who use iReady in the summer and kids can earn toppings on their sundaes based on the number of minutes they complete.

Updates from Ms. Ragley and Ms. Keeley

Math Materials - Please ensure that all math manipulatives and teacher editions are organized in one area of the classroom. DO NOT move math materials. to another classroom. We will organize and move math materials as needed.

STEM Materials - Please make sure that you return ANY materials that you have borrowed for example graduated cylinders, flashlights, magnets, etc. If you need me to come and collect from your room please let me know.

#MayMatters - Please continue to share out your amazing science and math hands on real world applications of skills that students have learned this year. On task students equals happy students equals happy teachers.

Updates from Ms. Fred

Running Records:

If you have been administering Running Records, please place the last assessment administered in the Student’s SIF or give to the Homeroom Teacher to file in the SIF.

LLI Survey: If you taught LLI, please complete the survey by Friday. Your input is very important and will help to improve our instruction and protocol for next year. Thank you for all your hard work this year!!!!

LLI Kits: If you have a Kit in your class, please hold on to it until we know for certain which teachers will be moving into which classrooms.

LLI Missing materials!!! I will be sending an email within the next few days for specific items that are still missing from Kits. Please watch for that and keep your eyes out for any misplaced materials. Return them to me so that we can check them off the Inventory List.