Black Holes

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Black holes

John Wheeler was the person who named the black hole, but it was discovered in the 1900's. It goes even further because it was theorised in the 1700's. Black holes are pure dark so they would be hard to see, and they are made out of stars that collapsed on themselves.

Details About the Black Hole

They are called black holes because nothing can escape from it. Even light can't, and light is the fastest thing we know in the universe. The first black hole was found in an image taken by a telescope that Isaac Newton had. Scientist say black holes have tunnels so they could be wormholes in theories. Wormholes mean a hole going to another world.

More Facts About Black Holes

Black holes come in a range of sizes. One small black hole could be one atom in size with the mass of a mountain. Teams of astronomers found the smallest black hole by using an x ray pattern called the the heart beat.
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10 Mind-Bending Facts About Black Holes


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