Facts About Production Artist-Web

Matthew Hamilton

What Production Artist-Web DO

It makes basic graphic sketches, designs, and copy layouts for online. Creates background, images, and graphics. May require an associate's degree on its equivalent. No experience is really necessary. Relies on instructions and pre established guidelines to preform the functions of the job. Works under immediate supervision. Typically reports to a manger.


No educational requirements graphic design program to learn technical skills. You might need a two to four year bachelor's degree. Or at least you have higher chance on getting a job.


You have to be organized so you could manage multiple projects and meet dead lines. Other helpful skills include creating electronic layouts, proofing, prefighting, and checking files.

What I Could Do to Help My Chances From Now to 12th to Become a Production Artist-Web

Well since I don't need to go to college, there could still be classes I could do for like computer stuff. They still require two to four years of experience. I guess I could try to get good grades in my C.E. classes that have to include with doing stuff on a computer. Like making a layout or something. In East Davidson High School, I guess I could do art do help my chances.


They would make $55,825 a year. They would make $4,652.08 a month.

Can You get a job without a degree?

Bachelor's- You would have an 61% chance.
Associate's/ Certificate- You Have an 19% chance.

High School- You would have an 12% chance.

Master's- You have an 5% chance.

No diploma- You would have an 3% chance.

With a degree you have more of an chance then you would without.

What they use for a production artist-web

28% on media.
22% on retail and wholesale.
19% on the internet.
7% on education, government, and nonprofit.
6% on business services.

Why I want to be a Production Artist-web

I like using computers and creating things. I like making stuff on computers like slide shows or stuff like that. I also like making photo edits on my iPod.