About Me

By: Rami Barazzutti

First Years

I was born in Roma and at the age of 5 years old i went to Jerusalem in Israel were i lived for 5-6 years. I went to Jerusalem because my mom had to go their for work, she works at the embassy. After that when i came back to Rome we started looking for an American school since i hadn't studied Italian in Israel and we came to AOSR.

Discovered Passions

When i was small i didn't really have any certain passion but some things that i enjoyed doing were playing soccer, playing video games, and playing on the computer. Later on when i got older i started to continue playing soccer but less and less played video games. Instead i loved to play on the computer and watch T.V. and sometimes play soccer. At the begging of last year i started to play rugby and i found it really nice after giving it a month or 2 trying it and now its my second year continuing rugby.

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Things I Like to Do On Vacation

Often most people like to go somewhere at the beach or some place were they can relax on vacation. I instead i don't like to stay at the beach for a long time 1 week at the most, what i like instead to do is plan an adventure or something that one would never forget. For example this summer i went to Africa in Kenya for the first time and i had a great time we slept in a tent and at night you could hear all kind of sounds and staying their in the middle of nature was just beautiful. Another trip i would like to do is to visit and see Canada in the north and south maybe, also see some polar bears in the north and other amazing things.

School Interest

A subject i like at school is english, i don't have a favorite book because i don't like reading a lot but a book i read recently is Frankenstein and i enjoyed it a lot. Another thing that i like historically is World War 1 and 2, i also like to learn about industrial evolutions that occurred in time.