Chinese Cinderella Project

By:Marilyn Benedict

What I think of Adaline

I think of Adeline very highly. She is strong, kind, and determined. She was determined to get the love from her family she really desired. She is strong because even when her family or Niang treats her wrong she doesn't let her bring her down. She has the heart of a lion and a body of a lamb. She is kind because she forgives her family for all the wrongs they have done. She is as smart as a book. She won the writing competition and proved her family wrong. She is respected as an adult because if she didn't make all the accomplishments when she was young, I don't think she would be here right now.

If she would go on vacation I think she would go to America because where would she spend all the American money in China. If she had to take three things to vacation with her, I think she would take her PLT if she still had it. It gives her a feeling that she is not alone and has at least 1 friend. " I named my duckling precious little treasure." page73 p.2

The second one she would bring would be Aunt Baba. The reason she would bring her is because Aunt Baba has been the only one in her life who cared for her grades and schoolwork. She gave her money for the tram in secret. Aunt Baba loved her more than anyone else. She was gentle, patient, and wise. " When I get a good report card, she locks it in her safe deposit box, and wears the key around her neck even when she sleeps, as if my grades were her most cherished treasures." page 52 p.3

The third and the last thing she would bring would be her eggs. Oh my gosh, she loves eggs so much. She would bring dozens and dozens of them with her. She would share them with Aunt Baba and PLT. " These eggs were precious...So very, very tempting! I longed for it." page162 and 163 p.2,5

This book is about HER LIFE, HER STORY, if you were to have this happen to you, would you write about it or will you not take a chance to changing peoples lives forever.