The 4 regions of Texas!

By: Gretchen Moravits

North central plains

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The North Centeral plains of Texas, is mostly made up of grassy prairie land. The North Central plains is located north of Texas between the Coastal Plains and the Great Plains , by the red river. The instrusty is mostly farming. The landscape normally found by the NorthCentral Plains are rolling hills, valleys, plains, and rolling grassy lands . The main cites located around the North Central Plains are Fort Worth, San Angelo, Wichita Falls, and Abilene. The North Central Plains has a higher elevation then all the other regions because limestone doesn't wear down easily. People in the North Central Plains are mainly farmers. The economy down in the North Central Plains is mostly farming, ranching, air plane instrusty,computer,manufacturing, and more. In the North Central Plains they have a ton of crops such as cotton,peanuts,wheat,corn,pecans, watermelon,fruit, and vegetables. The climate there is normally VERY DRY, lots of tornadoes, and they only get 20-30 inches of rain per year!