The Second Ruler of the Universe

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A Young Titan Destined for Power

Cronus was the youngest of the twelve Titans from Uranus and Gaia. His father Uranus was the first ruler of the universe. Uranus gave birth to many children with Gaia including the four Titans and other creatures with grew from mother earth. Creatures such as the Cyclopes (one eyed creatures) and Hecatoncheires (many armed and legged creatures) were seen as distasteful and hideous to Uranus so he tossed them into the darkest pits of earth so as they couldn't be seen.

Gaia grew dislike towards Uranus and the uncomfortable sight of her children so she asked all of the twelve Titans if they would help end Uranus's rule. All were afraid and refused except the youngest one, Cronus. With a sickle, he hid until Uranus came to lay with Gaia until he jumped out and sliced the genitals of Uranus off and tossed them into the ocean. After this Cronus then became ruler of the universe.

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After becoming ruler of the universe, Cronus married his sister and fellow Titan Rhea

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The Golden Age

The Golden Age was the time period Cronus ruled in. It was a time of prosperity where there was no evil in the world. It was the first time period of men. In this time men and gods lived together in harmony. There was no theft, murder, or adultery in the world for they had not been invented yet

Eating of the Gods

Cronus, after becoming ruler of the universe, became much like his father in the ways he ruled, poorly. He threw his brothers the Cyclopes and Hecatoncheires back in Tartarus in the pits of earth. For this reason and many others, it was fated by his parents that he would fall as ruler from one of his sons just as his father had to him. For this reason, Cronus ate each of his children as they were born. As long as they were in his belly, they could do no harm to him. He ate his first five children (Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Hades, and Poseiden) with ease. Rhea grew tired of not seeing her children so she decided to trick Cronus into not eating her next child. When she birthed their 6th child Zeus, she wrapped a stone in a blanket and gave it to Cronus saying it was their child. He believed her and ate the stone. Rhea took Zeus away to Crete to be raised by the Nymphs.

An Unavoidable Fate

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Zeus later returned once he was strong enough and induced Cronus to vomit up his children with a drug that Oceanid Metis.
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Once the gods were freed from Cronus's stomach, they joined Zeus to fight the Cronus and the other Titans in a ten year war.
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The Titans lost to the gods in addition to the Cyclopes and Hecatoncheires helping them with the victory. The gods ruled then over the universe atop Mount Olympus. Most of the Titans, including Cronus were chained and locked away in Tartarus to live in darkness.

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