By Julia Green

You should visit Spain!

There are many beautiful cities and attractions. Spain has many beaches to enjoy. It also has over 300 sunny days a year. After the beaches, the mountains are only a hour away. Spain has the oldest running restaurant in the world, Casa Botín. Spain also has Palacio Real, the royal palace that was build in the 1700s.
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The Palacio Real

European Union

Spain is currently part of the European Union. Spain joined The European Union January 1, 1986. Spain was not a founding member of The European Union.

Spain's Location

Spain is next to France, Morocco and Portugal and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Next to Switzerland, Spain has the most mountains
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Major Cities in Spain

Some major cities in Spain are Málaga, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Córdoba, and Granada


For centuries many countries wanted to rule Spain. Greeks, Romans, and Muslim's were all part of Spain's history.

Spain's Flag

Spain's current flag was created in 1977 the flag has two red stripes and one yellow stripe with the National Coat of Arms symbol.
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Physical Features


Spain is run by a monarchy. Spain's currency type is EURO.
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