Susan b Anthony contributions

By Halle Moore


Susan B Anthony was a wonderful women. She stood up for wants right. But what she didn't know was that her decisions would change the world forever.
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Early life

Susan b Anthony was born on Febuary 15 1820. She had 6 brothers and 6 sisters. Her brothers and sisters were very interested in civil rights too. When Susan was about six years old her family moved to New York. But then when the economy collapsed her dad lost everything. She helped out by getting a job as a teacher and helping by paying off the debts.

How it all started

When Susan B. Anthony was teaching she also went to meetings about slavery and alcohol. At these meetings the men didn't let her talk because she was a women. Susan thought this was crazy. So, she wanted to do something about it. First, she got her good friend Elizabeth Cady Santon. Her and Elizabeth formed a group called National Women Suffarage Association. In that group they talked about women's rights.
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The thing that changed the world forever

In the year of 1872, Anthony decided to vote. Even though she knew that it was illegal at that time. Anthony was soon arrested and fined. Anthony was fined 100$. Even though she was fined she did not pay it. This was a good way to spread the word that women should have the same rights as men.

She will be remembered

Susan B. Anthony died on March 13 1906. She did a lot of things for women to have the same rights as men today. If Susan B. Anthony hadn't took a stand for women's rights we would still not be able to vote. Every Febuary 15 we should appreciate what Susan b Anthony did for us. She will always be remembered for her braveness and courage.


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