Code Orange

A novel by Caroline Clooney


Code orange is all about a teenager named Mitty Blake who is like every other teenager who doesn't like school and just wants to get out. When he gets assigned an English project about how he has to pick some type of epidemic, he of course procrastinates until the last week to do it but when he finally gets to it he is shocked by what he has discovered! He opened a dusty medical book in his family’s weekend house and found an envelope. He, of course being a curious teenager, opened the envelope and accidentally inhaled some small pox scabs (Variola Major.) This is no longer just an infectious disease report; this is a life and death situation.


I really liked this book, it kept me entertained. I always wanted to turn the page to see what would happen next. It was easy to read, not too many complicated plots/characters or vocabulary. I would like to read other books by her.

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