Come to Jupiter!

-Jupiter is Open to Visitors!

Why Would I Want To Come To Jupiter?

By Anya D. and Mallika C.

Travel Details

If you are going to travel to Jupiter, you are going to need to do some planning, but it will all be worth it once you arrive, because you will know that you have made the right choice for your vacation!

If you are going to travel to Jupiter, you are going to need some special clothing. Every one pound on Earth is 2.4 on Jupiter. So you will have to wear a special designed suit called a Jupiter Suit. This suit lifts you up slightly so not all of your body weight would be pressuring the legs. Now, Jupiter is made up of mainly hydrogen, helium, methane, and ammonia. So the suit also supplies you with clean oxygen to breath for up to 50 years. For your convenience, you could wear Jupiter Shoes too! These unique shoes allow you to bounce around and make it easier to walk and move around. Also, the average temperature on Jupiter is -150 degrees Celsius, which is equal to -238 degrees Fahrenheit Jupiter suits not only supply oxygen but has built in heat warmers to so you don't have to worry about packing those extra coats!

To get to Jupiter, you will travel in a space shuttle. Our space shuttles are called the M.A.Jupiters. They are specially designed to exit Earth's atmosphere as quick as possible. Its pointed front makes it easier to cut through the air and make its way into space. And don't forget to bring something to do with you on the trip, because it will take you 2 short years to reach Jupiter, because Jupiter is 4.2-6.2 AU's away from the Earth, and 483,800,000 miles away from the sun. Don't be fooled by the amount of time it will take you to get there. It will all be worth it compared to the amount of time you will enjoy spending quality time with your family!

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The Jupiter Suit


Jupiter's Weather Forecast

To have a fun-filled trip with no distractions, preparing for the weather is mandatory. The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is a storm, and larger than the Earth, so our crew will supply you with appropriate equipment if you plan to take a ride in the Stormy Giant Amusement Park. Don't forget that storms such as this are common on gas giants such as Jupiter! Jupiter also has white ovals (consist of cooler clouds in upper atmosphere), and brown ovals (consist of warm, stormier clouds). Just a heads up, because if you spot any of these, we want you to be prepared, because storms in the brown ovals can last for as little as a few hours, or as much as centuries! Though Jupiter may seem freezing on the outside, it is actually hot in its interior metal core. And I mean HOT! Its is 35,726 degrees Celsius which is equal to 64,340 degrees Farhenheit.

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Fun Activities to do on Jupiter

One of the options for fun that you have that may interest you is visiting one of Jupiter's about 67 moons! The four main moons are Io, Callisto, Europa, and Ganymede. While when your special bouncy Jupiter Shoes, you can go Moon Jumping! Parents, you don't have to worry. Moon Jumping is completely safe and astronaut approved! Other activities you could do are check out the Stormy Giant Amusement Park where you can have a ride on the Great Red Spot (which is bigger in diameter than Earth itself!) or take a spin on the many other rides like the White Oval Storm, and the Brown Oval Storm.

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Jupiter and Its Moons!

Natural Wonders of Jupiter

If you are a major sight-seer, you're gonna want to explore these many places. Jupiter is wrapped in clouds of frozen ammonia crystals that appear in bands of beautiful yellows, browns, and whites. The adventurous people can go mining for these precious crystals! Lighter colored areas on Jupiter where air rises are called zones, and darker areas where air falls are called belts. Visiting these would be purely educational but also very interesting. Guides would tour you around and explain these areas in depth. A cool theory that scientists have are that there may be a slim layer of water clouds under the ammonia layer. This theory is based on flashes of lightning that might have been seen. Lightning is caused by the water's polarity, so if there is lightning, there is water! If you want to explore the clouds of Jupiter, sign up at the resort you stay at.

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Where to Stay?

At Giant Jupiter Co., we do our best to make sure that you feel comfortable and safe. Our organization has resorts and hotels all over Jupiter to make it feel like your home away from home! We have the main resort the Red Spot Resort east of the Great Red Spot and the Stormy Giant Amusement Park. Other hotels are situated all around the huge planet. Inside the Red Spot Resort, you will get full rest and relaxation. Though Jupiter doesn't have water, our resorts have full access to any drinks you want! Also, mainly because of the large amount of gravity on Jupiter, there is a large balloon on the top, just to make sure the foundation is secure, and the resort is extra safe! There are all kinds of ways to make you comfortable such as room service, maid service, elegant suites and recreations such as natural spas, play centers for children, and basketball, tennis, and golf courts for sports lovers. Jupiter has thin, barely visible rings made of dust particles. To enlarge these rings to their full extent, our maids take all the dust from cleaning rooms and put them in the rings.

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How Long Should I Stay?

A day on our dazzling planet, Jupiter is 9 hours, and 56 mins. A year on Jupiter is about 11.86 Earth years. You can stay as long as you'd like, but if you would like to temporarily move there, we would suggest staying for a year. This is just a suggestion of course, but why wouldn't you? The fun on this gas giant never ends! Living here or just visiting- you are always welcome!

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