California Everything

By C.R.K

State bird and others

State flower: California Poppy

State tree: Coast Redwood

state bird: California Quail

state song: I Love You California

I Love You California - California State Song (with lyrics)

Bodies Of Water By California

Lake Tahoe, the Gulf of California, the Sacramento River, the San Joaquin River, Salton Sea, Clear Lake and Lake Shasta. and there are lakes and and rivers in California and they all have names and there are tons and tons of rivers and all those rivers have names i was very impressed

Famous Places In California

Los angels is the most popular place in California some of the reasons is because movie stars live their. And i herd that people go to California for jobs and to find some gold some even say there is flouts that are entirely made from flowers thousands of people go just to see that tradition.

The Nickname For California

the nickname is the golden state (probably because their was gold there) it was a golden state literally Jo Rodriguez Cabrinio is the one who discovered California and found gold so that's basically why its called the golden state

Why You Should Go To California

It was a gold mind and their is still a chance their is still gold and their are lots of famous people there and also last but not least you may get a chance to see one of the giant flower flouts and the cool part is that you might get to see one of the traditional flouts made from millions of colorful flowers

Fun Facts

  • payton list lives in Los angles and she is 18 years old and she has 2 brothers named Spencer and phoenix
  • The motto of California is eureka
  • governors/senators is Diane feinstein and Barbra boxer are the senators and the governor is Jerry brown
  • Sacramento
  • the date of admission is 1850
  • climate is hot desserts and more
  • bordering states are Oregon, Mexico, Nevada, Arizona
  • The major governor is Jerry brown